If It's True... was the name of a manifesto created (or edited) by Ignace and Lothair Jospin, who were members of The Other Light, to encourage the group to recruit new members that will be born in the succeeding generations so that they would have a massive army at the end of the Millennial Kingdom period that would overthrow God and Jesus Christ with Satan being released at that time to lead them to victory. The manifesto charged that God had unfairly treated Lucifer and that His imposing the lifespan limit of 100 years for unbelievers during the Millennium is proof that God is against the choice of free will.

The manifesto concludes with an exhortation to the reader, to improve the manifest and pass the improved copy on. Over the span of years, this would guarantee that the manifesto would "speciate" into different documents, helping to give rise to splinter groups such as The Only Light.

In later years, the manifesto presumably becomes more militant as the Last Army is formed for the final battle under the supervision of Omega; however, recruitment tactics remain oriented towards appealing to the undecideds' reason and sense of right, as suggested by Raymie Steele.

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