Hannah Palemoon

Gender Female
Nationality Native American, Cherokee tribe
Born  ? years before Rapture
Occupation Former nurse in New Babylon
Relatives Parents (died in earthquake)
Religion Christian
Spiritual State Saved during the Tribulation
First Appearance The Mark

Hannah Palemoon is a fictional character in the Left Behind series of novels created by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. She is a Native American nurse working for the Global Community in New Babylon.

Hannah heard about Jesus Christ while she was living on the Cherokee reservation from a Christian couple that moved onto the reservation, a Lakota Sioux and a man from New Jersey, who wanted to get to know the people and to share the love of Christ with them. Later on in college, Hannah dealt with annoying "tract tossers" that turned her off to wanting to know Christ. Feeling that she wanted a real flesh-and-blood hero in her life and not an "ethereal God", Hannah jumped at the chance of moving to New Babylon when she heard about Nicolae Carpathia and that he needed medical staff there.

While she was in New Babylon, Hannah came across Tsion Ben-Judah's website when he predicted the coming Wrath Of The Lamb earthquake that destroyed her whole reservation, leaving no survivors. Though angered and hurt, Hannah was amazed that the prediction was correct and decided she wanted to learn more from him. Eventually, she was led into following the "Romans road" of reading the Bible, where she became a believer.

She met David Hassid when he passed out from sun-stroke while looking for Annie Christopher following the resurrection of Nicolae Carpathia, stitching up the wound in his head and later locates his fiancé's body for him in the morgue. She helps him come to terms that Annie was killed by the lightning that Leon Fortunato had called down from heaven. David then warned her about the coming "mark of loyalty" that all Global Community employees must take within 30 days or else they would be executed.

Hannah later escapes New Babylon with David Hassid, Mac McCullum and Abdullah Smith, with the three men engineering their "deaths" by programming a Quasi Two to crash into the Mediterranean Sea. She and Leah Rose also served as nurses during Operation Eagle. After a feud by e-mail with David, she goes with Rayford Steele, Mac, and Leah to the city of Petra to investigate a disturbance. She is grief-stricken to find that David was killed by two MIA GC soldiers, and has a hand in killing both men so as to keep Petra safe for the Remnant to move in.

She goes back to the US and stays with a co-op flyer and his wife till she moves to Petra with Leah, where she helps tend the wounded with her medical expertise. She is one of the Tribulation Force members still alive at the Glorious Appearing.

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