Global Community Middle School

Global Community Middle School,formerly Lincoln Junior High,was a school intended to spread the fame of the Global Community.Lionel Washington is an alumni of this school.Ryan Daley also attended this school,until the earthquake demolished the place.It is never mentioned again after book 12.


  • Lionel and Ryan were the only two members of the Young Trib Force to attend this school.
  • Ryan was the last remaining member of the group to still be a student at the school when it was demolished.
  • The school forced Ryan and the other students to wear the dove as their school uniform.
  • Judd Thompson Jr. said in book 6 that they would distribute a newspaper for this school,but it never happened.
  • A girl in Lionel's homeroom had her Bible taken.
  • The only time the inside of the school was shown was in book 11.
  • Lionel Washington is the only member of the group to have been both a student at this school and Nicolae Carpathia High School.

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