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An unidentified false messiah was sent by Nicolae Carpathia to a place outside Petra following the televised debate between Dr. Tsion Ben-Judah and High Reverend Father of Carpathianism Leon Fortunato in the book "The Remnant". Claiming himself to be a disiciple of Carpathia, this false messiah worked various wonders among the unbelievers that left Petra to hear him, causing a cloud to appear in the sky to block out the sun, making a gusher of water appear out of the ground, and passing around a basket of bread that never gets empty. However, as this false messiah was ministering the "mark of loyalty" with his power unto the unbelievers, a band of deadly vipers was approaching them. The false messiah then revealed that he was actually sent to lure them away from Petra so that they would die in the wilderness. After they have perished, the false messiah disappeared and was never seen again. Tsion referred to this false messiah as being a demonic apparition.

Jesus warned in Scripture that there shall arise "false christs and false prophets" that shall show great signs and wonders that would even deceive "the elect", if possible.

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