Gender Male
Nationality American
Born  ? Years before Tribulation
Died During the 6th Trumpet Judgement
Occupation Mechanic
Religion Christian (fake)

None (official)

Spiritual State Condemned
First Appearance Soul Harvest ?

Ernie is a fictional character in the Left Behind Series. He was assumed to be a believer in Christ, as noted by the Mark of God on his forehead. The mark that is supposed to be only visible to other believers. In Apollyon, Bo, a non-believer, told Ernie to wipe a smudge off his forehead. Rayford noticed this and immediately confronted Ernie about it. Rayford realized that the mark was a fake. Ernie suffered from the locust plague and was killed during the attack of the 200 million horsemen.

Ernie had a romantic interest in Hattie Durham. However, this never came to fruition. He was a quiet guy who worked at Palwaukee Airport.

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