Enoch Dumas

Gender Male
Nationality African American
Born  ? years before Rapture
Occupation De facto chaplain of The Place
Relatives None known
Religion Christian
Spiritual State Saved during the Tribulation
First Appearance Desecration

Enoch Dumas was a street person who lived in inner-city Chicago. He was among a group of other street people who attended The Place, a Christian group whose ministry was to help them get to know Jesus Christ. After the people who ran The Place were all raptured, Enoch and the group of attendees that were left behind all became believers and continued to live in Chicago, though they had to move underground when they heard that the city was irradiated by a missile attack. About halfway through the Tribulation, Enoch encountered Chloe Williams who was also hiding out in the devastated city and discovered that the radiation was simply a ruse to cover the Tribulation Force activities within the city. When the Global Community learned of this ruse and decided to destroy Chicago with a nuclear missile, Enoch and The Place members have all moved elsewhere in Illinois, where they continued to minister to people who were down on their luck as they were and needed Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

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