Ekaterina Risto

Alias Kat
Gender Female
Nationality Grecian Caucasian
Born Sometime during the Tribulation
Occupation Worker at the Children Of The Tribulation
Relatives Mr. and Mrs. Risto (parents), Kenny Bruce Williams (husband), Cameron "Buck" Williams (father-in-law), Chloe Steele Williams (mother-in-law), eight sons, six daughters, more than eighty grandchildren
Religion Christian
Spiritual State Saved during Millennial Kingdom
First Appearance Kingdom Come

Ekaterina "Kat" Williams (née Risto) was a "natural" who became a believer in Christ before her 100th birthday and a worker at the Children Of The Tribulation school during the Millennial Kingdom period in "Kingdom Come". Kenny Bruce Williams was attracted to her, and the two of them became friends and lovers, even amidst some playful jealousy among his fellow Millennium Force members who called her "Kenny's Kat". However, Ekaterina had her heart broken when false information circulated about Kenny got to her about Kenny just using her but actually going out with Nicolette, a member of The Other Light. Eventually she made up with Kenny as the truth came out that Qasim Marid, who was secretly working for The Other Light, planted the false information about Kenny. They were both married and had eight sons, six daughters, and more than eighty grandchildren over the next two hundred years. They both set up a Children Of The Tribulation school in Greece, operating it until they were too old to handle it themselves. Ekaterina lived to see the end of the Millennium and to enter into the "New heavens and new earth" period that followed.

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