Costas Pappas

Gender Male
Nationality Grecian Caucasian
Born  ? Years before the Rapture
Died Shortly after the start of the First Bowl Judgment
Occupation Student


Relatives Mrs. Papaps (Mother, Massacred)

Mr. Pappas (Father, Massacred) Kronos Pappas (2nd Cousin, Shot)

Religion Christian
Spiritual State Saved

Costas Pappas was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Pappas and the 2nd cousin of Kronos Pappas. He aided Chloe Irene Williams, Montgomery Cleburn "Mac" McCullum, and Hannah Palemoon in freeing George Sebastian and wanted to escape with them, but also wanted to stay with his family. He was killed in the final stand of the Ptolemais Church in which the last of the believers in Ptolemais, Greece where massacred.

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