Aircraft Name: Condor 216
Aircraft Type: Jet Airliner
Manufacturer: Unspecified
Entered Service: 18 months after start of the Tribulation
Used As: Executive plane for Nicolae Carpathia for 24 months
Replaced By: Phoenix 216

The Condor 216 was the jet airliner that was put in use as the new executive airplane for use by Nicolae Carpathia following the destruction of the earlier Global Community One in "Nicolae".


Earl Halliday was one of its builders, and he revealed to Rayford Steele a feature named  "reverse intercom" that allows the pilot to hear whatever the speakers that double as transmitters are picking up through his headphones.

Destruction and Replacement

This plane was destroyed in South Africa in Assassins and was replaced by the Phoenix 216, formerly the executive plane of Enigma Babylon One World Faith spiritual leader Peter Mathews.


  • In an interview with Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, a reader asked the significance of the number "216." The authors provided the following answer:
    • JJ: 216 is the product of a mathematical equation. I mean, Antichrist would know enough not to blatantly use 666 (which is a clue)
    • LB: We can't actually give you the solution to 216, but you should be able to figure it out with the hint from Jerry above.