This is a list of cities in the Left Behind series of books.

city nation notes
Baghdad Iraq Rayford often flew through Baghdad along an airplane route to New Babylon.
Chicago United States Home of the original Tribulation Force members and New Hope Village Church.
Jerusalem Israel Capital city of Israel, home to the Temple, the Dome of the Rock, and the Wailing Wall.
London United Kingdom Home of Dirk Burton and Alan Tompkins; destroyed by Global Community forces in World War III.
Milwaukee United States City nearby Chicago used for extra needs, including safety precautions.
New Babylon Iraq International headquarters of the Global Community and other entities of Nicolae Carpathia.
New York United States Headquarters of Global Weekly (later Global Community Weekly) magazine and the United Nations.
Rome Italy Nearby the Vatican.
San Diego United States One of the headquarters for the Tribulation Force, situated in an underground bunker.
Vatican Vatican City Roman Catholic headquarters, home of Pontifex Maximus.
Washington, D.C. United States Capital city of the United States; bombed by Global Community forces in World War III.

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