Christopher "Chris" Smith

Alias Chris
Gender Male
Nationality African American (novel)
Caucasian (film)
Born  ? Years before the Rapture
Died Immediately after the Rapture (novel)
During World War III (original film)
N/A (2014 remake)
Occupation Pan-Con Pilot
Relatives Unnamed Wife (raptured)
Unnamed Children (raptured)
Religion Unknown (novel)
Christian (both films)
Spiritual State Condemned (novel)
Saved during the Tribulation (original film)
Saved prior to Rapture (2014 remake)

Christopher "Chris" Smith is Rayford Steele's close friend and co-pilot who worked for Pan-Continental.


Left Behind: A Novel of the Earth's Last Days

In the novel, he slit his wrist and bled to death (by suicide) imminently after the Rapture, after learning that his family was raptured.

Tribulation Force: The Continuing Drama of Those Left Behind

After his death, Nicholas Edwards becomes Rayford Steele's co-pilot.


Left Behind: The Movie

In the first film, Christopher Smith is one of the many people who were not taken in the Rapture because they had not accepted Jesus Christ.

Left Behind II: Tribulation Force

In the sequel, Christopher does attempt suicide, but Ray witnessed to him, and he got saved instead of committing suicide. He eventually becomes part of the Tribulation Force, and starts attending church services.

Left Behind III: World at War

In the third film, he helps a group of Tribulation Force members steal Bibles from a warehouse where the Global Community are spraying them with poisonous gas. While escaping, however, they are caught by security guards, and are fired upon. One of the guards comes to Christopher, and asks him who he works for. Christopher answers, "God Almighty!" The guard replies, "Wrong answer," and shoots him dead.

Left Behind (2014)

Christopher Smith returns in the 2014 reboot, but he is already a Christian. He first appears when the plane he and Rayford Steele are piloting takes off. Later on, the Rapture takes place, and he is one of the people that are raptured. Rayford is only able to see his clothes laying on the seat next to him.

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