Chicago, a major city in Illinois located on Lake Michigan, was the area that the Steele family lived in, and where the Tribulation Force was formed. It was also where Buck Williams worked for Global Weekly for a time before he was put in charge of Global Community Weekly.

During World War III, at the time of the second Seal Judgment, Chicago was struck with missile attacks that devastated the city. Following even further devastation caused by the Wrath Of The Lamb, Chicago was considered deserted. A false report was given to the Global Community that Chicago was irradiated by a nuclear missile attack. This false report was believed by members of The Place, who basically stayed underground for a few years until Chloe Williams visited them when the Tribulation Force temporarily moved into the Strong Building. However, when the Global Community discovered that this report was false, and that there may have been illegal activity going on in the deserted city, they decided to destroy the city with a nuclear missile. Chang Wong warned the Tribulation Force members and The Place to evacuate the city before the missile hits.

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