Cheryl Tiffane is a believer who was rescued by Conrad Graham,Vicki Byrne Thompson, and Colin Dial in a raid on a GC prison. Vicki discovered that Cheryl was pregnant and she was eventually sent to the camp in Wisconsin run by Marshall Jameson. When Vicki went to stay at the camp, she found Cheryl had decided to let Tom and Josey Fogarty adopt the baby. Vicki delivered the baby boy, Ryan Victor, and he was given to the Fogarty's. However, Cheryl became depressed and upset with her decision and took Ryan with her to another town. Vicki, Mark, Colin, and Marshall, after they discovered in emails where she was headed, chased after her and found her detained by GC officers. Another rescue mission ensued and with the help of the heat judgement, Cheryl and Ryan were safely rescued. Cheryl went to live with another believer so that she could be away from Ryan.

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