Cendrillon Jospin

Gender Female
Nationality European Caucasian
Born During the first year of the Tribulation
Died 100 years old, within the first century of the Millennium
Occupation Worker at the Children Of The Tribulation
Relatives Mr. and Mrs. Jospin (parents), Lothair Jospin (cousin, deceased), Cendrillon Jospin (cousin, deceased), Nicolette (cousin, deceased)
Religion Nonbeliever
Spiritual State Condemned
First Appearance Kingdom Come

Cendrillon Jospin was a nonbeliever raised in the Millennial Kingdom period. Though she worked at the Children Of The Tribulation school, she never had a saving faith in Jesus Christ. She died at 100 years old, and became the first person in that period to die, right after her canopy-breach experiment. Her parents, who celebrated her 100th birthday early, genuinely mourned for her death but allowed Cameron Williams to turn her funeral from a celebration of her life into yet another altar call. Her cousins Ignace , Lothair and Nicolette were members of The Other Light.

Cendrillon was shown to be intelligent, questioning, enthusiastic and extremely skilled at teaching younger children through play; personally, she was close friends with Bahira and Mercy Hassid, and showed a great interest in aerospace technology.

Cendrillon's work at COT was cherished and respected enough that at her funeral, thousands of people turned up, mostly younger people whom she had babysat or taught. As the first person to "die of unbelief" during the Millennium, her death was global news.

Cendrillon is the original name of the fairytale character Cinderella, and is not a common French name.

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