Armageddon: an Experience in Sound and Drama

Armageddon: an Experience in Sound and Drama is a release of the following episodes of the Left Behind radio drama, based on the eleventh book of the original book series:

1. Father Of Light
2. Ground Zero
3. Captured!
4. Deal Of A Lifetime
5. Separate Ways
6. Ride In A Hearse
7. Truth Serum
8. Global Voice
9. A Funeral, A Wedding, A War
10. The Three Frogs
11. The Black Horse
12. Stampede


"Check out Leon...lovely outfit from his Mardi Gras collection."

- Mac McCullum commenting on Leon Fortunato while watching the bugged secret meeting

"It seems that you've effected a rip in your 'coat of many colors'."

- Nicolae Carpathia to Leon Fortunato as he makes a tear in his robe while sitting down

"Great...multiple Carpathias."

- Rayford Steele after watching the three froglike spirits inhabit the inanimate bodies

"Okay. I'm ready."

- Chloe Steele before being executed

"Are those frogs?"

- Buck Williams watching the three froglike spirits inhabit the inanimate bodies

"Kill me for trying to speak my mind or REVEAL YOURSELF AS A COWARD!!"

- Ramon Vajpayee before Nicolae Carpathia rips his heart out

"There is no time to think things through! We're here for one purpose and I'm going to do it!"

- Tsion Ben-Judah

"Am I Antichrist? Well, if He is Christ, then YES! YES!! I am against the Christ who was falsely crowned! I will ascend into heaven! I will exalt my throne above the stars of God! I will ascend above the heights of the clouds! I will be like the Most High...FOR I AM THE MOST HIGH!"

- Nicolae Carpathia, paraphrasing part of Isaiah 14:13

"When I chop off their heads, I want every Judah-ite in the world to feel a twitch in their own necks!"

- Nicolae Carpathia


Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins: Original Authors
Chris Fabry: Adaptation
Todd Busteed: Director
Steve Wick: Music

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