Apollyon: an Experience in Sound and Drama

Apollyon: an Experience in Sound and Drama is a release of the following episodes of the Left Behind radio drama, based on the fifth book of the original book series:

1. Hattie's Secret
2. Carpathia's Blunder
3. Hattie's Loss
4. Jacov's Night
5. The Witnesses Stand
6. The Rabbi's Call
7. The Escape
8. The Fallen
9. The Voice
10. The Destroyer Comes
11. Fading Heartbeats
12. Kenneth Bruce


"It's Pentecost on the net. I am able to type in unknown tongues!"

- Tsion Ben-Judah speaking about free software downloads for interpreting his messages.

"Well! If I'm right, in about five minutes, you're gonna wish that mark was real."

- Rayford Steele warning Bo Hansen and Ernie about their fake marks shortly before the fifth trumpet judgment


Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins: Original Authors
Chris Fabry: Adaptation
Todd Busteed: Director
Steve Wick: Music

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