Dramatic Audio Exclusive Character
This character is exclusive to the dramatic audio presentations of the Left Behind book series.

Anita Sanchez

Gender Female
Nationality Hispanic American
Born  ? years before Rapture
Died Within the final year of the Tribulation, exact cause unrevealed
Occupation Global Community Peacekeeper officer
Religion Carpathianism
Spiritual State Condemned
First Appearance Armageddon (Dramatic Audio)

Anita Sanchez is a character who appears in the Dramatic Audio presentation of Armageddon. She is a Global Community Peacekeeper officer who worked in San Diego as a guard when Chloe Williams was captured and interrogated near the underground bunker. She kept Chloe company while she was incarcerated and provided her with the energy bar that would be her only form of nourishment, and also offered her a milkshake which turned out to be laced with a drug that would put Chloe to sleep, allowing Jock Ashmore to transport her to the Statesville, Illinois correctional facility for further interrogation. Her claim of having a son named Roberto turned out to be a falsehood she created in order for her to gain the trust of Chloe.

In the books, a character named Florence played the same role, while there was also an unnamed Hispanic American Global Community Peacekeeper officer that was present in the incarceration of Chloe Williams.

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