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Alan Tompkins comic

Alan Tompkins

Gender Male
Nationality British Caucasian (novels), African American (movies)
Born  ? years before Rapture
Died A week or so after the Rapture
Occupation Police detective for Scotland Yard (novels)
Relatives Unnamed sister
Religion Unknown
Spiritual State Condemned
First Appearance Left Behind

Alan Tompkins was a member of Scotland Yard and a close friend of Buck Williams and Dirk Burton. In "Left Behind", he met with Buck in a pub in London to tell him that Dirk Burton's death wasn't a suicide, but rather commissioned by Joshua Todd-Cothran, and that he was being threatened by Cothran and by his superiors at Scotland Yard to keep silent about the issue. Alan died when a bomb rigged in his car exploded.

In Left Behind: The Movie, Alan was played by Philip Akin, and was working in Chicago instead of London.




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