Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy during the time that a child develops from an embryo at conception to a fully-developed baby. The Bible considers this practice an abomination, as ancient religions during the time before Jesus Christ have practiced ritual infanticide by the parents sacrificing their children to the god Molech. not to mention that it simply goes against the commandment to not murder.

In the Left Behind series, Hattie Durham's sister Nancy assisted in abortions around the time the Rapture took place, and had found herself temporarily without work as the fetuses of unborn children were also raptured.

Later on, when Hattie was carrying Nicolae Carpathia's child, she was considering abortion to be rid of the child that came from an eventually loveless relationship. Her closest friends in the Tribulation Force, however, dissuaded her from getting one. By the time Hattie delivered the child, it turned out to be a stillborn that absorbed the poison that its mother was given.

At the time that the third Seal Judgment took place, Nicolae Carpathia encouraged abortion as well as assisted suicide and discontinued care of the elderly and the handicapped to the regional districts of the Global Community that suffered from the economic sanctions posed against them for instigating World War III.

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